During the course of each season, unannounced 'avalanche incidents' may be planned and called out to all patrollers on duty for that given day.  These drills will simulate an avalanche incident in avalanche terrain within the ski area operational boundaries; the intention is to execute the area rescue response plan with that day's available personnel.

Drills are unannounced so as to best simulate actual avalanche incidents: they can happen at any time, regardless of snow and weather conditions, and who is on patrol duty that day.  Response may vary based on these and other factors, and is a realistic and useful tool with respect to fine-tuning our response as a patrol, and individual and group learning experiences.

In addition to unannounced drills, two avalanche incident drills may be scheduled in advance and published on the patrol website calendar.  Scheduled drills are designed to accommodate patrollers who wish to participate in this activity but may otherwise miss such an opportunity due to scheduling and patrol day conflicts.  For the 2015-2016 season, drills are TBD.

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