Courses | Required Equipment

The following equipment is, unless otherwise noted, required for the L1 course:

Backcounty ski gear
  • Randonnée/alpine-touring (“AT”) or telemark skis and bindings, or splitboard.  No snowshoes.
  • Full-length adhesive climbing skins  (no partial-length kickers, and no strap-on skins)
  • Poles (recommended: adjustable length / collapsible poles)

Helmet (recommended)

Clinometer (standalone slope meter or one that's built into a compass)

Other gear sufficient for a full-day winter backcountry ski outing, including but not necessarily limited to:
  • food (you will be outside all day, each field day)
  • water (in winter-proof containers, either insulated wide-mouth bottles or winterized hydration systems)
  • whistle
  • knife or multi-tool (recommended: equipment field repair kit)
  • personal first-aid kit
  • compass (you will be provided maps)
  • appropriate clothing to be outside all day (recommended: extra insulation layers for times when not moving)
  • backpack to carry it all

    Avalanche rescue gear (required for L1 and Fundamentals)

    • beacon
    • shovel
    • probe

    Field Guide (for L1; provided as part of course fees and materials)

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