Loveland Ski Patrol Avalanche Program


The Avalanche Fundamentals or the Level 1 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel (L1-R) course is the minimum level of training required for Loveland Ski Patrol members. The ASR course covers companion and group rescue skills and response.  The L1-R course covers the essentials of avalanche hazard recognition and evaluation, route selection and travel in our avalanche terrain, decision making, self-rescue and survival strategies, companion rescue, and group rescue (the area rescue response plan).  All patrol members are expected to complete one of these courses within three years of joining the patrol.


Each year, all patrollers are required to complete an On-The-Hill Refresher prior to the start of the ski season.  One component of the OTH is dedicated to avalanche-related topics; a review of the ski area rescue response plan is mandatory for this component.  Other learning topics, in particular a review and practice of rescue skills, are included.


During the ski season, expect unannounced rescue response drills to take place, to test the readiness and skills of patrollers in executing the rescue response plan.  There will also be two scheduled rescue response drills to accommodate the scheduling needs of those who wish to be certain they participate in a rescue response drill.  Drills for 2016-2017 are TBD.

At any time during the season, if you wish to discuss any avalanche-related topic, please contact any avalanche program instructor.  At a minimum, LSP avalanche instructors have completed the NSP avalanche L1 and L2 course sequence, in addition to utilizing these skills each winter.

  • Roc Beaver
  • Jim Bergstrand (Snow Safety Advisor)
  • Rick Grubin
  • Dave Sharrock
  • Chuck Thienpont 

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